Maximize the ROI of Your Data Warehouse

Don’t let bad quality data disrupt your business

Find out how to create a data quality framework and maximize the value of big data in this eBook

What You Will Find in this eBook

Data is everywhere, and it is expected to exceed 44 trillion GBs by 2020, but it is rarely useful.

Much of the data in the digital universe is not harvested for analysis, but for a business, such analyses are key. Unfortunately, only27% of organizations with data analysis initiatives in place report any significant success, while a mere 8% describe their efforts as “very successful.” These numbers are low not because businesses don’t have the necessary data – it’s because they don’t have quality data to work with. This means that availability isn’t enough; you need to make data useful.

This eBook will help you make enterprise-wide data more useful and improve the ROI of your data warehouse by developing a deeper understanding of:

  • What data quality is
  • The role it plays in your big data initiatives 
  • The different approaches to improving data quality 
  • The creation of a data quality framework
  • How to bring it all together to improve analytics and decision-making