What is an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)?

Enterprises have a wide network of business units that are often spread across different regions. Each business unit generates a variety of data, which is used in various departments to run processes and operations.

It requires accurate information for every sprocket in the enterprise to perform optimally. Factors, such as local market conditions, raw material and labor availability, and laws and regulations, affect how business units operate in particular regions. It is essential for all stakeholders to access accurate information that is filtered based on these factors.

An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is designed for enterprise-wide data integration. It gathers data on all subjects that span from the entire enterprise. Query and analysis is performed to provide easily understandable and accessible information used for making effective business decisions.

An EDW environment generally comprises of several components, including an EDW, virtual and physical data marts, and an operational data store. An EDW is more focused on enabling a higher-level, cross-functional use as compared to operational data warehouses. It can provide insights for strategic planning by connecting different functional areas and extracting valuable information from raw data.

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