Data warehouse security

Best Practices for Ensuring Impenetrable Data Warehouse Security

In today’s world ‘data’ is the driving force behind any business. Storage of that data in a place where it’s secure from unauthorized access, be it physical or online, is…

Data warehouse and Business Intelligence

Data warehouse and Business Intelligence – Do Both Technologies Complement One Another?

If technicalities were to be put aside and the subject matter of this article was put in layman’s term, it would be “can the cookie cutter exist without the dough?”…

data warehouse architecture

Cloud Technology Making its Way in Data Warehouse Architecture

A data warehouse creates a centralized source of data which facilitates business intelligence, strategy, and decision-making. Thus, having an effective and efficient data warehousing solution is extremely important for any…

What’s Next in the World of Data Warehousing

Industry Trends: What’s Next in the World of Data Warehousing

Forrester’s Business Technographics Global Data and Analytics Survey shows that the data storage capacity of 59% of companies exceeded 100TB in 2017. This percentage is twice to that of 2016….