data modeling

Multidimensional Data Modeling – OLAP Cubes

OLAP (short for Online Analytical Processing cubes) refers to multidimensional databases optimized for data warehouse requirements and specific OLAP applications. The OLAP cube is a technique of storing data (or…

data warehouse architecture

Cloud Technology Making its Way in Data Warehouse Architecture

A data warehouse creates a centralized source of data which facilitates business intelligence, strategy, and decision-making. Thus, having an effective and efficient data warehousing solution is extremely important for any…

What’s Next in the World of Data Warehousing

Industry Trends: What’s Next in the World of Data Warehousing

Forrester’s Business Technographics Global Data and Analytics Survey shows that the data storage capacity of 59% of companies exceeded 100TB in 2017. This percentage is twice to that of 2016….